Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Baby it’s COLD outside!!

We are officially into March (well, by six days now). I must admit, this is my favorite time of year. I don’t mind the occasional rain (okay, more like sprinkles) we see in Kihei this time of year. A little rain means the hillsides turn green, we see and hear the occasional cow grazing across on the mountain side of the Piilani Hwy in Kihei. And best of all – it’s March! This is historically the coolest (temperature-wise) month of the year on Maui.

March? Really? Why not January? I don’t actually know. The warmest time of the year is August/September, the coolest March. Now by cool, how cool do I mean?

I mean – SNOW! Really! MauiNow reported snow on top of Haleakala over night on March 4th. However, I’m told it wasn’t an official snow day as park officials didn’t actually see it. Do check out the pictures of Maui’s feeble attempt at keeping up with mainland winter!

But in Kihei you do not need to worry about snow… average March day-time temps in the low 80s, night-time temps in the mid-60s. Not bad at all. In fact, for me this is perfect. I hate heat. Yes, I know, I should stop whining.

This time of year you will see those of us who live here wearing long pants and sweaters, some in jackets, and boots! Hey – we really are cold. Yes, you may laugh – but not to our face, please. We aren’t used to this… Last night at the inline skating rink at Kalama Park there were kids and adults wrapped in towels sitting on the bleachers watching the game. We really were THAT cold. Not me, I had a jacket to brave the ‘chilly’ temperatures.

So by comparison how hot is it in August/September? Typically high-80s during the day, low-70s at night. Except in 2014. This past year we had numerous days in the mid-90s. It was unseasonably warm. I hope it was an exception.

no snow in sight at Kamaole I beach in Kihei. Just kids having fun on the beach!