Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Hansen Road Closure

Hansen Road is the turnoff at the Sugar Cane Factory just outside Kahului which is a less-traffic, no lights but lots of bumps and potholes alternative to Dairy Road as it connects with the Hana Hwy. After years of talking about it, road work has finally begun today.

Be aware – according to MauiNow this road will be closed for at least 11 months until February 2016. Yes, eleven months.

This is a bummer if you are used to taking Pulehu Road to Omapi’o Road to the Surfing Goat Dairy or Ocean Vodka or even the landfill, I’m not sure what they will do for those businesses and the residents. The alternative is a long drive up to lower Kula and then back down again.

But do not fear, this does not mean you have to take bumper to bumper Dairy Road (which by the way isn’t always as bad as it is this time of year – believe it or not, it’s passable in the slower months)! You can take the Ho’okele Street (at Zippy’s) which passes Target and also connects through to the Hana Hwy. It is a beautiful smooth sailing two lane (each direction) road. Love it!