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Sleep with the Sharks!

We were at the Maui Ocean Center today. A year ago we let our annual membership lapse as the kids were kind of ‘done’ with it (we’d had annual passes 3 years in a row). But my youngest is still enthusiastic about seeing the fish, so for Christmas we bought a pass for him and myself to go again for the year. Love having this annual pass – we usually go 6 or 7 times a year, for an hour or two at a time.

the odd-looking flat fish swimming up the side of the window –
it’s camouflaged on one side, white on the other.
Guess where it’s eyes are?

We both loved watching the fish, stopping at most aquariums to find something interesting. Whether it was a fish swimming loop-dee-loops (and speculating as to why), to the seemingly paralyzed frog fish and the flat fish (one of my favorites, they have the weirdest googley eyes), it was fun for both of us! Sadly the octopus was stubbornly hiding behind a rock and I’m not sure where the ugly fish next door to the octopus was hiding. I’m drawing a blank on his name, but it will come to me.

The naturalist at the star fish display told me about the newly improved Sleep with the Sharks event. This used to be a kids-only event, but they’ve changed it now that kids sleep over together with a parent/adult. Curious?

Here is the event information from the Maui Ocean Center’s website:

An exciting after-hours Aquarium experience awaits! Roll out your sleeping bags next to the majestic Open Ocean exhibit or mesmerizing Sea Jellies cylinder at the next Sleep with the Sharks (that’s in two days – Friday, March 20th). Enjoy exploring the Living Reef after dark, hands-on marine life lesson and more! For ages 6-13. 

Each child must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older. Includes ocean naturalist guided activities, movie time snacks, continental breakfast, a souvenir decal, and all day admission to the Aquarium the next day! Special membership rates are available. 

Reservations are required; space is limited. Sleepover activities are subject to change. 

star time: 7pm
end time: 9am (following day)
reservations: 808-270-7075
cost: $75 per person plus tax