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Target follow-up

I finally went – 22 days after the big box store’s opening I needed a birthday gift and thought – well, let’s check Target (in Kahului).

There has been so much excitement on island about Target ‘finally’ coming to our island. I don’t enjoy shopping – at all – I tend to be very goal-oriented, bee-lining it to the section that I need, seeking and hopefully finding what I want, and then out again. But many of my Maui friends have been psyched. In fact, I got a real kick out of all the facebook status updates of friends who actually went to the new store ON opening day. Some even posted pictures of themselves in the stores. I hate crowds – there was no way on earth I was going anywhere near the store on opening day. Or the week or two after.

How is it? Well, it’s a store. It seems (and probably is) way bigger than our local Walmart. The displays seemed well-organized, shelves were mostly well-stocked (at 9pm). The store was quiet (due to the time of day).

So many of my Canadian friends have commented – Target? They just went out of business in Canada. Not only ‘out of business’ but it seems rather spectacularly into bankruptcy. This past June I went into one Canadian Target, a former Zeller’s location, and no, I wasn’t impressed. There were empty shelves, and frankly I wasn’t surprised when I heard they were going out of business. I am told that the US Targets are wayyy better. Sort of a Mecca of shopping. But is it? I guess you’ll have to find out!

For my part, I guess I am excited to have another better-priced store for shopping selection – the Shops at Wailea and Whaler’s Village are great and all, but you just can’t get coffee filters and shower curtains at Louis Vuitton – at least not in my price range. So much we buy for the condos comes from Amazon, we’ll have to see what Target carries in stock.