Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Target is here, Target is here!

The excitement level is pretty high on Maui – after a long wait, our first Target is opening today! There was a special shopping event for media yesterday, but today at 8am is the ‘soft opening’, with the official grand opening on March 8th.

Many of my ex-mainland friends excitedly describe Target as ‘way better than Walmart’, others are just excited that there is an additional store, offering more variety. I wonder how Kmart will survive now that we have Target, Walmart and Kmart. Who knows.

Will you catch me at Target today? NOT A CHANCE. I hate shopping. I hate crowds. I can only imagine what it will be like. In fact, yesterday I had to run into Walmart (right across the street from the new Target) and it was dead. Well, for me it was a pleasant amount of shoppers, not much in the way of line-ups at the cashiers…. I actually overheard one shopper saying, ‘maybe I should just wait til tomorrow and go to Target.’

As I told the kids, maybe we’ll brave the new Target in two weeks when the excitement has died down a little. I do admit, it will be nice to have more on-island options to buy supplies for the condos.

Where is Target? When driving from Kihei into Kahului on the Pu’unene Hwy (which is currently being re-surfaced), you will see it on the right side just before Zippy’s. Walmart and Home Depot are across the intersection.