Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

What is that?

I was visiting a friend this weekend and was introduced to Noni fruit. I’ve seen them before, but honestly, they look weird and as I have never seen them at a farmer’s market, I assumed they weren’t edible.

What is it, I asked. My friend reached up, picked one and handed it to me. She doesn’t know what it tastes like, but tells me that it’s supposed to have many health benefits and that she’s heard people let them rot in a pail and then make juice out of them. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

Noni fruit hanging in the tree
the Noni fruit on my cutting board. Do I dare?

The Noni fruit has been sitting in my fruit bowl since Sunday. I have looked it up online, though I haven’t found any instructions on how to eat it. I did find something that said, unripe Noni fruit has a ‘harsh odor’ and all sorts of unpleasant sounding nicknames. Really? Do I dare cut into this thing? How bad can it be?

Have I mentioned the lengths I go to for my blog readers?

I am slicing into it. I have no idea if it’s ripe – the color in the picture isn’t quite accurate, it’s a little more yellow-ish.

sliced Noni fruit

It’s hard to slice into, has little seeds that have the consistency of tiny hard apple seeds. The taste is slightly sour with a bitter aftertaste.

I personally won’t be trying this again. And although I did cut into and taste it for you, I will NOT be rotting and making juice out of it. I guess that is where I do draw the line. If you are interested, it does have its own page on WebMD. What a weird fruit.