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Kihei Surfside shut-down

Today is an exciting day for us! After more than two years of planning, it’s the last day of our rentals at our Kihei Surfside condo pre-renovation. No, not the interior, though we have a few minor projects that we hope to tackle in October. The exterior of the building is being re-done. This 40 year-old oceanfront building is receiving a face-lift! Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and glass railings, new lanai surfacing, some spalling repairs and a waterproofing/paint job. We are excited!

The exterior of Kihei Surfside is getting a face-lift! We can’t wait!

Spalling you ask? What is that? This is something that plagues oceanfront properties. This is something that happens when the salt air finds its way through tiny air holes in concrete and starts rusting the rebar in the building. All oceanfront buildings experience this, and as long as the building is properly maintained and water-proofed, the buildings are fine. But maintenance is the key!

Once our guests check out this morning, we start packing up linens, towels and valuables, moving furniture to the interior of the unit, removing blinds and shutters…

Welcome home to our toaster! So glad to have you back!

Very excitingly for our family, it also means the return of our toaster! What, you may say? The guests called Saturday to let us know the toaster had died, so I temporarily loaned our toaster to the condo. Driving to Kahului to buy a toaster to get a guest through the final 3 days of their stay seemed unnecessary particularly as noone will be needing a toaster for the next 5 months. I’ll bring it home today. We’ll check the old toaster (which we had just replaced a few months ago). If it no longer works, we’ll get a new one for the next check-in.

In the mean time, with this condo, I will kick back and relax and wait for the renovation to be complete!