Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

New Jim Freeheart Mural in Kihei!

Have you seen part-time Maui resident Jim Freeheart‘s latest mural? It’s public art located at Kihei’s Kamalii Elementary School.

Jim Freeheart is an artist from Boulder Colorado who spends a fair chunk of his time on Maui. While here, he often volunteers his time at local schools, teaching art classes and, most recently, painting a mural.

Jim Freeheart working on his mural at Kamalii Elementary School (March 2015)

The kids have been so excited to watch Mr Freeheart as he painted this beautiful mural on the side of one of the buildings, taking time to check out the latest progress or talk with him as he painted.

Completed Jim Freeheart mural at Kamalii Elementary School (April 2015)

Do you spot the monkey?? What is it with that monkey? Mr Freeheart has been bringing a monkey puppet when volunteering in class (whom he calls Freeheart the Monkey). Hidden in the mural are also an owl (the school’s mascot – the pueo) and a humpback whale. I’ll have to go look for them!

So….. can you go see it? You can actually see it from the school’s parking lot. However, please go into the office and sign in with the office staff. It is a school and there are security measures that need to be followed to keep the kids safe. Mahalo.