Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui


This morning we went to Pa’ia to see the turtles. I had thought they only come out at sunset, but no, there they were just before noon, resting. Sun tanning. I love watching them. It’s quite something, considering how tiny they are when they hatch (check out this blog entry about watching a turtle nest un-earthing from a few years ago). I wonder how old these turtles are.

Do be considerate to the turtles and also others watching the turtles.

A little Turtle Etiquette:
– Keep your distance, do not approach them.
– Hunker down. Turtles come to shore to rest. Try to blend into the beach, so by hunkering down it’s less obvious to turtles that you are there watching. If they perceive a threat, they won’t come to shore.
– Be quiet and enjoy.