Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

It’s graduation season!

Yesterday we attended the high school graduation ceremony of a special young lady. Her family was one of the first families we met when we moved to Maui, and in Hawai’ian fashion, they have become part of our ‘ohana.

‘Ohana? What’s an ‘ohana? There are a few different meanings, but in this case I mean they have become a part of our family unit. No, we unfortunately do not have any blood-relations here in Hawai’i. But we have an adoptive family, friends who have become a part of our ‘ohana, who we choose to include in our lives, celebrate special occasions with. I am sure, when you think about it, most of us have ‘ohana.

The graduation ceremony was at Seabury Hall, a small private school in Makawao. The graduating class had 78 students, all dressed in white, the girls with beautiful flower lei (wreath) in their hair, the guys wearing a red sash around their waist and an open maile lei draped around their neck. After the close-to-three-hour ceremony, the graduates were stormed and presented with lei.

Class of 2015

There were many beautiful hand-made and store-bought lei. We saw lei made of flowers, leaves, lei with money folded into them (origami-style), candy lei, and our kids’ favorite, the floatie (think swim-ring) lei. Some graduates were so ‘lei’d’, you couldn’t even see their faces! I didn’t ask permission to post pictures of these lei’d graduates on my blog, but for an idea of what this looks like, do a google search of Hawaii graduation. It’s neat. As to our lei – we picked up some beautiful orchid lei at Costco. Note, if you keep them in the fridge, they will last quite a while. Of course, you can’t enjoy looking at them when they’re in the fridge.

What a beautiful celebration of the beginning of these kids’ lives! Congratulations to all!