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Pack-up-the-condo Day!

Yesterday we took the final steps of prepping our Kihei Surfside condo for the big building overhaul. The blinds have been taken down – the ones we no longer need are finding a new home at Habitat for Humanity. The funky red couch has found a new home with a local family that didn’t own a couch. Yes, of course we’ll be replacing it in the fall. Linens and towels have been laundered and are being stored under the piano at our house. The carpeted areas have been measured for new flooring. Art-work and breakables have been moved to a safer location. Furniture has been moved from windows and wrapped against damage.

Our pretty kitchen
The view from the kitchen – the ceiling fan blades have been removed from
the ceiling fan so the window people have more room to manoeuvre. I can’t wait
to see what this will look like with floor to ceiling glass windows and railings!

The condo sure looks different. And the grounds are starting to look like a construction site. The parking lot is closed, is being fenced off and filled with construction materials and those ever-present port-o-potties. Yes, there will be security on property.

The sod next to the building is being rolled up and sold. It will be replaced once all the scaffolding has been removed in time for the next guests.

Somewhat fittingly it was an overcast day yesterday. A little sad to be closing up the condo, and yet we are excited for this renovation to start up.

Yesterday’s overcast ocean view from our condo