Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Yummy mangoes!

It’s mango season on Maui. Yummy delicious sweet mangoes.

My friends emailed the other day – their huge mango tree is full of fruit, do I want some? Ah… yes!

Here’s a word to the wise…. do NOT buy your mangoes at Costco or any of the other grocery stores. You will be disappointed. They are not tree-ripened and not nearly as sweet and juicy as these.

Instead, get them at a farmer’s market. There are daily farmer’s market (Mon-Sat) at Aloha Market Place (across from Starbucks on S Kihei Road) – Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri is an organic vendor, Wed and Sat is a different (cheaper non-organic) vendor. Another farmers market in North Kihei next to the ABC store is open Mon-Fri. Saturday morning there is also an organic market on Lipoa (by Fabiani’s). Yee’s Orchard across the street from McDonald’s has amazing mangoes (it is a grass shack with the occasional peacock strolling through). And of course, Saturday mornings is also the swap meet in Kahului on the university campus.

I learned a new trick: how to cut a mango. I find them so finicky and messy, this makes it easier!

First, slice right next to the thin oblong pit.

Repeat on other side of the pit. Then score the fruit. From experience, you want small sections (rather than large).

Next you invert the fruit, gently pushing up the bottom, pulling the edges down.

But it is quick and easy to eat! You can either cut the juicy mango right off the peel, or just eat it like that (not the peel obviously).