Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Travel memories

one of the pictures from our family’s June
travel adventures… one of our souvenirs,
hockey sticks (can’t buy them on Maui).

Do you have anything special you do to capture the memories of your trip? Most of us take pictures, but what do you do with them? Last year our family took a special trip and I made the kids keep a travel journal. Every day they had to write a page (or more), and then they got to take turns using the camera to take pictures of all the cool new things we saw and experienced. When we came home, the learning continued as they got to create their own photo book on Shutterfly (which I thought was more user-friendly, though more expensive than Costco), combining their favorite daily pictures and a description of the day from their travel journal. As a mom I thought I was being so smart. The kids felt so tortured. But their travel photo books turned out awesome! So awesome, that this year we’re repeating the process. But this time the little guy is doing one too. This could be interesting.

My acquaintance and favorite Maui author Toby Neal is writing a travel blog. She is traveling from Seattle to Alaska with her husband this month, and documenting her trip on her blog. I love her books and have been following her blog for the past few months now. Check it out!