Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Happy Independence Day!

courtesy of Maui’s own Shaka Pops!
handmade gourmet popsicles, for sale in select
grocery stores, at the Swap Meet and Westin
Kaanapali Resort today.

It is here – the Fourth of July! A big day for Americans, the celebration of their independence from Great Britain in 1776. Happy birthday America!

Our family aren’t the ra-ra-America nor the ra-ra-Canada type of people. Don’t get me wrong, we love our countries, both our birth country and our adopted country. But we just don’t get sentimental about it either way. This morning as I was pouring my coffee it struck me as kind of ironic. Today the US celebrates its independence from Great Britain. Canada on the other hand still has significant ties to Great Britain as a member of the British Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth’s picture is on all its money. The two countries are in some ways quite different, and in others quite similar.

How is Independence Day celebrated in Maui? There are those who celebrate it, and there are those are are quite antagonistic about it. The result, a rather subdued affair. Yes, there are activities and fireworks in Lahaina at 8pm. Every year there are questions – aren’t there fireworks in Wailea? I know in years past there have been small displays put on by the hotels, but I haven’t heard of any this year. And yes, Costco and other stores have been busy selling fireworks, I am sure there will be many going off in neighborhoods around the island. BY THE WAY fireworks are not allowed at most (if not all) condo complexes!

Wait a minute, you said people are antagonistic? Towards Independence Day? What’s that all about? Read up on the US overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy and annexation of Hawai’i in 1898. To this day it is quite controversial in Hawai’i.