Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Celebrating Five Years on Maui – with malasadas, of course!

This week we celebrated the five year anniversary of moving to Maui. It is something worth celebrating. Many don’t last this long.

The saying goes, if you last a year (many don’t), you’ll likely leave within the next year. If you last for two years, you’ll leave by three years. If you last three years, you’ll have left by five years. Once you make it for five, you may leave by seven years. And if you are still around after seven years, you’re probably here to stay. Yes, many of the friends we made in the first five years of living here have moved away. And those who have been here longer are shy to become close friends with the new people. Sad but true. It gets depressing when your friends keep moving away.

Many move here without seriously considering all the implications. Distance to friends and family (this is the most remote set of islands in the world), cost of living, difficulty finding well-paying jobs, school system, health care, rock fever etc.

So when we hit our five year mark, we celebrated – as is our family’s tradition – with malasadas (made-fresh-to-order Portuguese donuts).

The Home Made Cafe in Kihei’s Azeka Plaza serves malasadas Mon-Sat before 10am

Breakfast menu at the Home Made Cafe

mmmm malasadas – the creme filled ones are my favorite
We are thankful to call Maui our home. Thankful for the friends we have made.