Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Maui Brewing Company Tour!

This has been on my bucket list for some time – a tour of the Maui Brewing Company! My friend Amy is in town, so she called and reserved us spots and we went and had our tour this afternoon up in the Maui Tech Park in Kihei (that’s right, their new facility opened last year). The tour itself is about 30 minutes long and is $5/person and includes four 4 oz samples of beer.

This is where the magic happens! This facility is less than a year old
Our muffin tin of samples: Coconut Porter, Mana Wheat, Big Swell IPA and Bikini Blonde.
The bar area where they serve 30 different beers. While they don’t serve food, they do have a food truck park on the curb. You can get food and bring it into the bar or outside lanai.
My favorites? They currently have a German lager – the Kihei Koelsch is quite yummy. As for their every-day beer, I like the Big Swell IPA. 
Did I learn something? Yes I did! I learned that it actually is important to keep beer cool (not store it in the cupboard). We may need to get a beer fridge.