Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Upcountry Walk

We went on a beautiful upcountry (that means part-way up Haleakala) walk yesterday, enjoying the cooler temperatures at 3000 ft elevation (it was about 73F compared to Kihei’s 89F), but humid and overcast. Actually, it was perfect, except for my kids’ whining, ‘are we there yet?’

We ended up having lunch at Ulupalakua’s General Store, a quick wine tasting at Maui’s Winery, and coffee and carrot cake at…. can you guess?

beautiful bi-coastal views upcountry

awesome lava rock walls and lush lush vegetation (compared to Kihei)

an easy upcountry walk

lots of these cool plants – some of these spikes were over 7 feet long!

beautiful ferns

one of my favorite purple flowers at Maui’s Winery

free wine tasting at Maui’s Winery

orange blooms near that awesome upcountry coffee shop

where is this? Any guesses?

do you know where that picture was taken?

Have a look at those pictures?

There are a number of them with an older woman…

… any guesses?

oh all right, it’s at Grandma’s Coffee House. A great destination for a beautiful drive! And they grow/roast their own coffee beans!