Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Another hurricane on its way

We sure have had our share of hurricane news these past few weeks. Special thanks to MauiNow meteorologist Malika Dudley who is awesome at giving us Maui-specific weather forecasts (I hardly bother watching the Hawaii ones, they really are mainly Oahu-specific).
First we had Guillermo (which veered to the North of us and fizzled), then Hilda (which veered to the South and fizzled). The new one predicted to arrive next week is Tropical Storm Kilo, currently forecast to have hurricane strength when it hits Hawaii.
Please keep in mind, it is very difficult to accurately predict where these storms will pass through, as there are many factors at play. The current path takes Kilo over Kauai, however, the margin of error could get it in Maui range. 
If you are planning a Hawaii trip next week, keep an eye on the weather!
By the way, curious as to who names these storms? The Central Pacific Hurricane Center has a list… from what I remember, the list from which the name is chosen depends on where the storm originally forms.