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Hurricane update – Post #Guillermo and Pre #Hilda

Hurricane #Guillermo was a bit of a non-event in South Kihei. We had some trade winds which was nice as I’m sure it cut the humidity, but no rain. However, other parts of Maui definitely did get rain. We are thankful the system fell apart. This morning it is hot and humid in South Kihei.

Please remember, storms can change underwater currents in the ocean. Even if it hasn’t rained where you are, there can be storm run-off coming into the ocean and making water murky. If the water is murky, stay out. Watch the waves, and if in doubt, don’t go out. If you do go into the water, NEVER turn your back on the waves. Always watch those waves, being knocked down by a wave can be very dangerous.

Now we have Tropical Storm #Hilda tracking our way in the East Pacific. She is expected to reach hurricane status tomorrow. We will see what she ends up doing. Currently forecasters are showing her veering north and missing Hawaii.

June through November is considered hurricane season in the Central Pacific. This year as well as last the ocean temperatures have been warmer than normal, As a result we have had more active hurricane seasons than normal. For more information on what’s going on, check out the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.