Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

It’s Raining in Kihei!

If you’re on Maui you are likely aware of tropical depression Kilo that has been passing to the south of us. It looks like Kilo will not be looping back to hit us as a hurricane as originally forecast. So that’s a relief!

Kilo’s latest track – currently a tropical depression, expected to become a storm later today.

In the mean time, we are getting some heavy moisture from Kilo, though. The past few nights we’ve had some spectacular thunderstorms on Maui, and in Kihei it has been raining since sometime last the night.

Our kids were excited – is school cancelled today Mom? Nope, no such luck, though there are a few that have been cancelled here on Maui, I suppose because they’ve been getting a lot more rain than us on the North and East side of the island. It’s always fun looking around for wet-weather clothes on days like these because it rains so rarely here in Kihei. We found jackets and umbrellas for all, though I did have to teach my youngest how to zip up a jacket. He’s just never had to do it til now. Reminds me of last winter when his hands were so cold walking to school. That day he had learned the life lesson that he could warm his hands in his pant pockets. Funny how things we think are normal because we grew up with them are not normal here.

I was explaining to the kids that this (grey skies and rain/drizzle) is what fall, winter and spring was like when we lived in the lower mainland in British Columbia. Ok, and lower temperatures, it is after all still in the mid-70s here today (a welcome relief from the low 90s we’ve been having). For today I am loving it, it is a welcome break from the intense sun beating down on us. By tomorrow I will be ready for sunshine again.