Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Kihei Restaurant news

Another restaurant has opened next to Ace in Azeka Makai (ocean side of S Kihei Road). This used to be an Ihop more than a decade ago. It seems a new restaurant opens here every 18 months or so, but never lasts long. The new restaurant is Nalu’s Southshore Grill. Sig and the kids tried to go about a month ago, but the lineup was out the door. One of my friends has been and says the food is good. You order at the bar, then find a table to sit (they bring it to you). Apparently it’s a dog-friendly restaurant.

In July Maui Pie opened next to Ono Gelato also in Kihei’s Azeka Makai. I have yet to check this one out, however, I know my sweet tooth will bring me here sooner rather than later! They serve both sweet and savory pies!

A restaurant on my to-visit list is Roasted Chiles also in Azeka Mauka (mountain side of S Kihei Road). They are currently celebrating their 1 year anniversary. Sig went a few months ago and said the pupu (appetizers) and drinks were very good.

Saltimbocca in Maalaea Harbor has closed its doors. Too bad, we had been for lunch a few times and it was good. However when they closed for lunch and were only open for dinner, I guess the writing was on the wall. They had an awesome waterfront view (this is the location of the former Waterfront restaurant). Rumor has it the owners will be re-opening somewhere with better foot traffic.

And as announced on August 19th Joe’s Nuevo Latino (formerly Joe’s of the Gannon’s family of restaurants) has suddenly closed its doors with Bev Gannon regaining control of the facility. Unsure if it will reopen.