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My late-blooming mango tree

As you may recall, our mango tree bloomed later than all the other mango trees around Kihei, or so it seemed to me. My friend brought us wonderful mangoes off her tree months ago (in May), in the mean time, I am sitting here, still waiting for my late-bloomers to ripen. She admitted to me that her giant tree which towers over her house STILL has mangoes ripening. It’s been like 3 months now. That’s crazy. I guess it kind of makes sense, our tree continued to bloom for a month or so, so I assume our mangoes will ripen over the course of a month?

We had several stages of blooming (it went on for over a month), and the first ones are turning yellow-orange and starting to smell like mango. I couldn’t wait and picked one, letting it sit in the bowl on my counter overnight. This morning the amazing smell was too much and I cut into it. Yup, it’s as good as I remember it from TWO years ago (remember, the mango tree had a stand-off with Sig last year over a severe pruning). The mango is AMAZING.

Yes, I’m saving 1/3 of the mango for Sig to enjoy! What do you mean I should share fairly?

our 5 year old mango tree. Not a huge harvest, but more than two years ago

the mango on the left is almost ripe

the mangos on the left will be ripe sooner than the reddish ones