Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

This isn’t usually the weather channel but….

Did you know this is hurricane season? Yes, usually we hear much about the Atlantic/Caribbean hurricane season, but this year the Central Pacific is having a particularly active hurricane season too.

So far we’ve dodged Guillermo, Hilda and Kilo (we are so thankful). But guess what! We now have Hurricane Ignacio and Tropical Storm Jimena headed our way. Seriously? Oh brother. We are starting to experience hurricane-malaise around here, the dreaded ‘yeah yeah, whatevah, stop fear-mongering’ talk.Wait a minute – aren’t those storms supposed to be in alphabetical order? Yes they are, but depending on where the storm originates, there are two different lists of names to draw from (Eastern North Pacific and Central North Pacific).

Please, do take the warnings seriously. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, please do follow the news (MauiNow is best online for Maui specific news and weather warnings).

current storm tracking in the Pacific (National Hurricane Center)
Also, even if the hurricanes don’t end up hitting us, there has been a lot of rain particularly on North and East shores. Please be sure to heed flash-flood warnings! It may not be raining where you are, but if it’s raining nearby or above you rivers can swell and become impassible. Now is not a great time to go hiking along there. Just yesterday two groups of hikers needed rescuing due to swollen creeks/rivers, one in the Bamboo Forest and the other on the Commando Trail hike (Commando Trail is by the way on private property, please do not trespass).