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Haleakala News

One of my favorite Maui adventures is to drive up our dormant volcano and admire the view from up top. As an added bonus, I love cooling off up there – at 10,000 ft elevation you may want something warmer than shorts, t-shirt and slippahs. Unless you are a die-hard Albertan, perhaps 🙂 No slight there, I lived in Alberta many years ago and can still tolerate cooler weather better than the rest of my family though I haven’t tested your winter weather in a long time! It will take you about 2 hours to reach the summit from Kihei, and yes, you can drive all the way up and park right at the top.

you know – if you live in the US and have a fourth grader, your child can get a free park pass for the family for a year! Check it out!
Also, the Haleakala Headquarters Visitor Center at the 7000 ft elevation (just past the park gates) is closing for the next two months (starting Sept 20th) for renovations. There will be a temporary center set up, and this does NOT affect the visitor center and bathrooms at the summit which will remain open.
When to best drive up Haleakala? Many visitors will drive up for sunrise which is supposed to be spectacular (nope, I have yet to convince anyone in our family to get up super early to check it out). You can drive up during the day when it will be warmer (if the sun is shining, that is). Some go up for sunset which is also supposed to be spectacular (and as an added bonus, you don’t have to get up super early). And yet others will drive up at night to go star gazing (although you don’t have to drive all the way up for this – apparently stars are best viewed at the 6000 ft elevation. 
Have you driven up for star gazing? Where did you go? I would love to know the best location to pull over and gaze!