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Sleepover Time at our Sugar Beach Condo!

Once a year we try to stay in our condos. It’s a really good practice to stay at your own vacation rental and many owners do this when they come to Hawaii on vacation. It’s a great time to pick up on things that need maintenance, fixing, improving etc. Yes, we go into our condo between each booking, tackling repairs as they are reported/we notice them, and doing things on our regular maintenance schedule, but some things you don’t notice until you actually use it.

In my head I know it’s a good idea, but in practice it is extra work – it means that I have to pack up our family’s stuff, go there, sleep there, then completely clean and prep the condo for the next guest in addition to tackling the new to-do list. It’s the weekend, and I was feeling energetic, so we had a sleepover at our Sugar Beach condo before I changed my mind 🙂

We picked up dinner-to-go from Safeway, some ready-made ribs, fresh bread and a lemon meringue pie for desert and ate at the condo. Unfortunately things didn’t go quite as planned time-wise and we ended up eating dinner during sunset in the condo. Ah well. I had hoped to walk the beach at sunset. Then off to the pool we went, first to cool off, then to sit in the hot tub. We met and visited with two couples in the hot tub, one celebrating an anniversary, the other on their honeymoon. We chatted with them for a bit, then Sig went home (he doesn’t appreciate these sleepovers) and the kids and I went back to the condo.

Oh my goodness, the bed we bought last year is so comfortable. I’ve been getting positive reviews from guests on it, but it was nice to try it myself too!

Do I have a hunny-do list for Sig and I? Yes! Nothing big, but a few things I noticed that we will address in the next few weeks between bookings.

By the way, we still have some openings at our Sugar Beach condo this fall! You too can come try that comfortable bed and walk the beach at sunset!