Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Sneak preview of Kihei Surfside #405

After five months of being closed for rehabilitation Kihei Surfside is on its way… the scaffolding on the lower floors for the 2-13 stacks (the whole building except the ends) is coming down, the scaffolding for the 1 and 14 stacks will still remain until the work there has been completed.

We’ve been busy inside our condo also…. the painter has been busy putting a fresh coat on the walls and trim, new carpets were installed yesterday, today the new windows were measured for new blinds, the new couch is being delivered next week. We’ve been busy, slowly ticking off items on that to-do list.

After five years I still can’t get over this view. The new windows allow us to enjoy it even more!

One more month until Kihei Surfside opens up to guests again! I can’t wait!