Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

The 93rd Annual Maui Fair – Sept 24-27!

What is your favorite part of a fair? I must admit, I hate crowds and you typically will not see me anywhere there’s a crowd. Fairs and parades included.
But, many love them – so please, tell me your favorite thing at the fair!
A few years ago the kids did talk me into going, and I must say, there was a robotics competition in the Baldwin High gym (which is at the far side of the fair grounds). I really enjoyed watching the teens battle it out with their robots 🙂
I attended a marching band parent meeting last night, so you guessed it, this year I will be attending the Maui Fair parade on Thursday September 24th! 
The actual fair hours are:
Thursday, Sept 24th – 5pm-11pm
Friday, Sept 25th – 5pm-midnight
Saturday, Sept 26th – 10pm-midnight
Sunday, Sept 27th 10am-11pm
For more information, check out their website!