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Tsunami Watch after Major Chilean Earthquake

****UPDATE: According to MauiNow the tsunami triggered relatively small up to 2.2 ft waves at Kahului harbor that came in approx 18 minutes apart. For more information check out this article. Reminder, please stay out of the ocean for a few days.

****UPDATE: This has been changed to a Tsunami ADVISORY. An advisory means that no major tsunami is expected at this time. There may be some fluctuation in ocean levels. However, the main thing to keep in mind is this: STAY OUT OF THE OCEAN FOR A FEW DAYS. Why is that? Tsunamis mess with ocean currents and get things in the ocean all riled up. There is increased risk of being swept out and also of shark attacks as they are also affected by this change to their environment. STAY SAFE! 🙂 And do keep an eye on the news until tomorrow morning.****

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued a TSUNAMI WATCH for the Hawaiian Islands following a major earthquake off the coast of Chile. If memory serves me correctly, the last tsunami to hit Hawaii was also generated by an earthquake off the coast of Chile.

What is a tsunami watch? This is just an alert, stating that tsunami waves MAY have been generated by the earthquake. Since it’s just happened, it is much too early to know for sure. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center will continue to monitor the buoys stationed around the Pacific and update once they know more. Due to the distance between Chile and Hawaii, any potential tsunami waves won’t arrive until after midnight sometime.

What should you do?

Most importantly stay calm. Keep an eye on the news (MauiNow, MauiWatch, HawaiiNewsNow). Check to see if you are in a low-lying area and need to evacuate. If you are staying at our Sugar Beach and Kihei Surfside condos, you are in the evacuation zone. If you are staying at our Maui Kamaole or Palms at Wailea condos, you are in the safe zone.

If you are in the evacuation zone, prepare your ‘go kit’ to evacuate to higher ground. Check with the front desk where the recommended evacuation zones are. I have emergency preparedness information in a binder in each of our condos – read it! Re-fuel your vehicle. Be prepared to evacuate when advised/ordered by Civil Defense.

Check out my blog post from April 2014 for tsunami information.