Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Huli huli chicken

Saturday afternoon I was meal planning while driving home from Lahaina. What to make for dinner? Then a thought crossed my mind! I turned onto South Kihei Road and my nose led me right to Keolahou Congregational Church. Sure enough, the ‘huli huli chicken people’ (not their real name) were there roasting dinner for me! Love it!

What is huli huli chicken? It is specially marinated and then bbqed over keawe wood. The smell is absolutely amazing! I picked up a $12 whole cooked chicken, brought it home where we ate it with rice and a salad. So delicious!

If you see a sign for huli huli chicken, pull over and give it a try! Where to find huli huli chicken? These are pop-up locations. There’s the one by Keolahou church, and then there’s another one on the right side of the road on the way to Lahaina (past the tunnel) with a sign for Lawful Hawaiian Government. I’ve been seeing them on Saturday, but they may be there other days too. When they run out of chicken, they shut down so go around lunch or early afternoon. There used to be one at Kamaole Point (between Kamaole 2 and 3 beaches) in Kihei but I haven’t seen them there in quite some time.