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Our flowerbed poinsettia is turning color!

One of our guests gave us a poinsettia a few years back – so very sweet! I notoriously do not have a green thumb. I managed to keep it somewhat alive during Christmas (amazing what keeping it watered will do for a plant, huh?). After Christmas I planted it in the flower bed just outside our front door. This flower bed is also the recipient for random pineapple heads, orchids and most recently a pumpkin patch (one of the kids came home with pumpkin seeds during Halloween and wanted to plant them).

flowering poinsettia
the poinsettia started turning color two weeks ago
flowering poinsettia
our flowerbed – newly planted pumpkins in the back, potted ti and orchids, pineapple hiding behind the palm tree, poinsettia

While I don’t have a green thumb indoors, my flower bed orchids and poinsettia have thrived – probably because they are regularly watered by the irrigation. Thankfully Sig has a green thumb! The poinsettia has quadrupled in size, my orchids do splendidly, we have three pumpkin plants on the go…. And we did harvest three pineapples from the first pineapple head we planted (click ‘Cara’s pineapple’ Tag for amazing pictures). While the others have all grown, we have not been able to grow any more pineapples since that first plant. I don’t know why. Maybe all the subsequent pineapples were GMOs.