Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

The best bakery on Maui!

I’ve been told Komoda’s Bakery in Makawao is the best bakery, and very particularly that they serve the best malasadas. But is it true?

komoda display case

komoda display case

What are malasadas? They are Portuguese donuts and come either plain or with a filling of sorts.

I’ve driven by Komoda’s (on Baldwin Avenue, the main road leading down the hill) several times, and a few weeks ago went in to check it out. Unfortunately it was already two in the afternoon and there wasn’t much left. Go early! The store itself is a hole in a wall. Don’t let it deter you! And bring cash – I am not sure if they take credit card.

Komodas Bakery
Komoda’s Bakery in Makawao

Today I poked my head in at 9am. Oh yum. These are available ready to go (room temperature) while the Home Maid Cafe in Kihei makes them while you wait (hot). The guava-filled ones and also the ‘malasadas on a stick’ are so ono (delicious)!

komoda maladas
Two types of malasadas – guava-filled and ‘on a stick’