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New Paia Restaurant – Hana Ranch Provisions

I don’t often drive through Pa’ia. But today was one of those days when I came cruising down Baldwin after some upcountry errands. I was looking for Dazoo Restaurant as I was contemplating picking up some goodies at their Moana Bakery. Apparently it’s really been a while since I drove through – Dazoo closed its doors in June. In its place, I was intrigued to see a sign for Provisions. What is that? Apparently the Hana Ranch in East Maui last month opened up their own restaurant, Hana Ranch Provisions, using all locally sourced organic ingredients, creating made-from-scratch lunch and dinners….

Hana Ranch Provisions
Hana Ranch Provisions – photo courtesy of Yelp

The pictures on their website and facebook page look amazing! I will be checking this place out! They still have a bakery (where Moana was) which serves goodies and to-go items.

Check it out!