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What side of the rental car is the gas tank?

It happens to me every time I rent a car – I pull up to the gas station and then…. what side of the rental car is the gas tank? I always check my mirrors, but I can never spot the gas tank in the mirrors. Then I get out of the car, and look a bit like a fool, checking out my own rental car! Please tell me I’m not the only one!

gas tank on rental car

Here’s a little-realized fact for you: if you look at the fuel gauge on the dashboard, there is a little arrow pointing to the side of your car that the gas tank is on. Look closely, it’s right next to the fuel pump symbol. Apparently it’s done by all car manufacturers.

Who knew? I just checked both our vehicles, one of them nine years old, and they both have it (I had never noticed).

Now I just need to remember on our next trip!