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Where to see Maui’s North shore waves

Yesterday morning around 9AM I pulled into my favorite North shore waves viewing spot at Ho’okipa Lookout along the Road to Hana just past Pa’ia. Wow – the waves were amazing.

ho'okipa wave 1

ho'okipa wave 2 ho'okipa wave 3 ho'okipa wave 4 ho'okipa wave 8 ho'okipa wave 9

It was a bizarre day. The trade winds have been gone this week, instead we’ve been ‘blessed’ with vog (volcanic smog) from Big Island’s active volcano. Rather than the usual clear blue crisp skies, it has been really hazy, even at Ho’okipa. The humidity and smell of salt water were thick in the air.

Ho’okipa beach is a favorite with wind surfers, and most days you will find locals paddling out to enjoy the waves, but there were absolutely no surfers out here yesterday morning. I presume they were over at Pe’ahi (Jaws). How do you get to Jaws? You can’t. It’s on private property, getting there involves trespassing. Please be respectful to the land owner and do not trespass.

As an alternative, do check out the Jaws Peahi Maui facebook page which always has great pictures.

ho'okipa meadow
the pretty meadow next to Ho’okipa Lookout

Note: the North shore waves are not for beginners. For us mere mortals, this is a great place to watch those who really know what they are doing surf, wipe out etc. Please be aware of your ability and also the conditions before you go out!















Here are a few video clips I took yesterday.