Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

A hidden gem of a restaurant – Cuatro!

I don’t know why we’ve never been to Cuatro. We have several friends who tell us about amazing dinners they’ve had at Cuatro. Turns out Sig even knows the owner/chef of Cuatro. Today we finally had dinner at Cuatro. Wow.

This is a small Asian-fusion restaurant in the same strip mall as Sansei (Kihei’s favorite sushi restaurant), near Foodland. When I say small, I mean small – the sign above the door says their maximum capacity is 46. Looking around, I think that includes wait and kitchen staff. I’m not sure where you’d put 46 people.

Sig made reservations (we were celebrating a special occasion), and it’s a good thing he had. Every table was occupied. True, we brought down the average age, but when dinner is great, who cares? It’s a BYOB establishment (it can be difficult and expensive to get a liquor license on Maui), so bring your favorite drink, they charge a $10/table corkage fee.

Cuatro Asian steak
the Asian marinated grilled steak

I had the Mauiterranean fish of the day (ahi tuna), Sig had the Asian marinated grilled steak. Dinner was amazing! A woman at the table next to us had the Spicy Tuna Nachos – that is the signature dish, they looked wonderful too.

Cuatro Mauiterranean ahi
Fish of the day – ahi prepared Mauiterranean style. Amazing!

Forgot to bring a bottle of wine? No problem – make a quick stop at Foodland. We had picked up one of our favorites (a Napa Valley wine – Prisoner) at Foodland on sale this week. What a special dinner, just the two of us!