Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

The Tin Roof – a new Top Chef Sheldon Simeon restaurant

The foodies and food-show lovers may remember Sheldon Simeon from 2013s Top Chef: Seattle, a reality TV cooking show, where he made it to the ‘top three’ and won the fan favorite award. Chef Sheldon Simeon has won numerous other awards since then. He could be found at Star Noodle and Mala, more recently opened his own restaurant Migrant at the Wailea Beach Marriott. Migrant is scheduled to close next month as the lease expiring (a Roy’s is slated to renovate the space and move in). Last I read they hope to reopen in a new location.

Sheldon Simeon Tin Roof Maui
This is where to find the Tin Roof – nope, it does not have a sign (that’s just the logo super-imposed into the picture), but the restaurant is to the right of the U’i Gallery. Be sure to check out the U’i Gallery for some beautiful art/souvenirs too!

But have no fear, the Chef has a new local flair take-out restaurant on Maui. It’s called the Tin Roof. They just opened a few weeks ago. It is so new that they don’t even have a sign on the door. It is located along Dairy Road in Kahului, in the same strip mall as the Fedex/Kinkos, Pinatas Mexican, right next to my friend Rachel’s U’i Gallery. The windows are reflective, and the only thing to give away that it is a restaurant would be the line-up outside the door (they are open 10am-2pm). That’s right, the word is out, and as of April 14th’s facebook post they recommend you call in your orders between 8-10am. The number is 808-868-0753.

Note: there is very limited seating along the window, this is primarily a take-out restaurant.

I have yet to make it to Tin Roof – sadly I had to cancel this week’s lunch plans.