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What credit card do I use at Costco in Hawaii?

Costco credit card
how do I pay??

Costco is a large members-only warehouse store with locations in many parts of the US and Canada. If you are coming to Maui on vacation, it probably does not make sense to buy a $55 membership solely for your vacation. Costco is known for partnering up with one specific credit card – the ‘Costco credit card’ which until recently has been Amex.

Last year Costco Canada made the switch from Amex being their only accepted credit card to MasterCard. Effective June 20, 2016 Costco USA will no longer take Amex and will instead accept only Visa for credit cards. In addition, you can continue to pay with cash, debit (bank) cards, personal check and Costco cash cards.

That’s right – Costco USA has partnered with a different credit card than Costco Canada. Please plan ahead. The Maui Costco has a bank machine inside the store in case you are caught off-guard.

While Costco has partnered with Citibank Visa, it is my understanding you can use any Visa card for your purchases. Note, you will need to have a Costco membership card along to get into the store but also at the till.

As for the Maui store, this is one of the busiest Costco’s nationwide. It is estimated that every Maui resident has a Costco card, it is a great place to get groceries, gas etc. Thankfully staff is very efficient and lines usually move quite quickly.

What are my favorite Costco purchases? We buy a lot of our condo supplies here – sheets, towels, laundry soap/fabric softener, macadamia nuts, dishes, small appliances…. As for my favorite groceries – in-store baked whole grain bread (sold in two-packs), mango cheese cake (so good), milk (cheapest on island), ‘Hope organic spicy avocado humus’, salsa, gas… On weekends (Friday and Saturday) they bring in a seafood selection (hubby likes the lobster tails). Oh…. and I have gotten some great deals on rental cars through Costco Travel also!