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How hot is Kihei in the summer and do you need air-conditioning?

One of the questions asked today on the Tripadvisor Maui Travel Forum was – will we melt without air-conditioning in August? Good question.

The warmest months on Maui are definitely August and September. That being said, typically daytime highs in Kihei and Wailea are in the high 80s with evening lows in the low 80s. This is cooler than a lot of other places on the mainland.

However, the past two years we’ve also been affected by the El Nino weather pattern which has given us warmer and more unstable weather. Last summer we had 9+ hurricanes pass by the islands (thankfully they did not make landfall on Maui) and our temperatures hovered in the low 90s with high humidity. While the hurricanes did not cause damage, they did alter the wind patterns.

Maui Kamaole
one of the A/C compressors for the split-system at our Maui Kamaole condo

I personally like my A/C. Three of our condos are air-conditioned, however, our Kihei Surfside condo is not. Don’t even get me started on this – the building has only one electrical meter and A/C is expressly forbidden in the bylaws (something we would love to change). There is a great breeze, we have great ceiling fans and most of the year it is fine, but August and September especially are warm. Having said that, we have several repeat Septembers guests who keep coming back – apparently they like it! But, if you like it cool, please rent a condo with A/C.

As a homeowner, I ask that you please conserve energy when possible. Electricity on Maui is expensive. About 2/3s of our power is diesel generated (the rest is solar and wind which is also expensive). While electricity prices have come down due to the oil slump (from 40 c/kwh to 28 c/kwh currently), they are still multiple times higher than elsewhere in the country.

Here are three easy ways to help:

  • Turn off the A/C when you leave the condo – the condo does cool quite quickly when you turn it back on again.
  • Close all doors and windows when running the A/C so we don’t cool the great outdoors – trust me, this happens more often than you’d think especially with families 🙂
  • Do not turn the A/C below 70F. It will not cool the condo faster, but instead overexerts the compressor, causing it to freeze up and fail – yes, we’ve had this happen a couple times. A/C repair guys are in high demand in summer and it can take a week to get a guy out (supply/demand) leaving you with no A/C in the mean time. Also, with this being an island, it can take a week or two to get parts in.