Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Do you love hockey?

the oceanfront hockey rink at Kalama Park in Kihei

Did you know that Maui has a hockey rink? It’s a Maui-style rink which also doubles as the local roller rink. Yes, that’s inline hockey, not ice. Hawaii’s only ice rink is located on Oahu – our Maui guys and girls only dream of skating on ice – though one of the adult goalies has plastic furniture movers attached to his leg pads which allow him to glide on the concrete ‘like on ice’.

The location is perfect, in Central Kihei at Kalama Park which is an oceanfront public (outdoor) park. During season (September – May) the kids play late afternoon/early evenings (Monday Tuesday and Thursdays) starting at 5:30. The men start on those nights somewhere around 8pm. These days the sun is setting after 7pm, so you always get great sunset viewing along with the game! Now during the summer there are still casual pick-up games.

hockeyCan you join the game? Yes! Monday nights is adult pick-up hockey starting around 7:30pm. It being Maui that means plus or minus, typically it starts later. But come down early and you can sign a waiver and borrow gear. For more information check out the Maui Inline Hockey Association website or their Facebook page.

In addition to hockey, there is also ‘open skate’ roller rink time Wednesdays from 6-8pm, Friday and Saturdays from 6-9pm. Skating is free, but you can rent skates for $5 for the evening. The skates do need to stay in the rink (no taking them outside the rink area). The roller rink is a public County of Maui facility, however it is run by hockey parent volunteers. All proceeds from the skate rentals and small concession go to the kids. Come support local hockey!

Re: Kalama Park. There is a great playground with fun climbing trees, a ball park, a skate park (skateboarding), and also five tennis courts. Unfortunately this is also a hangout for some of the island’s homeless population. While generally harmless, do be aware and use common sense. And remember, there is no smoking or drinking allowed in Maui County public parks and beaches.