Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Just another sunset at Kihei Surfside

A few nights ago we watched sunset and had a lovely catered dinner for the homeowners at our Kihei Surfside building. Dinner was provided by Bayside Catering – it was comfort food: pulled pork sandwiches, gourmet mac and cheese, smoked salmon and my very favorite – Costco’s mango cheese cake. Seriously – if you like cheese cake (and have a few people to help you eat it – it is Costco-sized, after all), pick it up next time you’re at Costco in Kahului.

It had been kind of a big day for me. I’ve spent the past four years volunteering on the Board of Directors at this condo complex, the Kihei Surfside. It’s been an interesting and definitely educational experience. The Board went from planning a major exterior remodel to this 42 year old building, to implementing it and seeing it through. In 2015 the Kihei Surfside went through a 6 month shut-down during which it underwent a major structural overhaul, repairing spalling (rusted rebar which cracks the concrete), in parts replacing rebar, strengthening the building, replacing windows and railings, replacing landscaping etc.

Sound like a big job? It was! The average owner assessment was $52,000 (plus or minus depending on the condo’s layout). That’s in addition to loss of rental income for the 6 months and the cost of additional projects due inside the unit – in our condo we replaced flooring, window covering, a sofa and the fridge in our condo.

Was the renovation worth the cost? Yes! It’s important to maintain a building, and this building is something special! Am I glad it’s over? Yes! It was a busy couple of years.

Last week was the last day of my four year stint as Director (the past two years as Board Secretary).

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful sunset!

Kihei Surfside
look at the halo on the palm tree! You just can’t beat this location – it’s my favorite on Maui!
Kihei Surfside
sunset glow
Kihei Surfside
sunset reflecting in the glass at Kihei Surfside
sunset afterglow