Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Wailuku Coffee Company

Have you explored Main Street in Wailuku? This is a street with a different twist. Local business people have done well to revitalize this street. Here you will find five pawn shops, the Iao Theater, various Mom and Pop shops, a cat in the window, and… the Wailuku Coffee Company.

A few days ago I had some time to kill before the mall opened, so I went in search of coffee. Granted, the mall’s Starbucks was open, but I like to try new places (for the blog) and I’d heard good things about the Wailuku Coffee Company. Surprisingly (to me) parking in and around Main Street was scarce. The main (large) parking lot was full – local businesses and County government employees fill those spots quickly. I did find a spot down one of the side roads.

Wailuku Coffee Company was busy – apparently it’s a popular place for breakfast. There is a good amount of seating inside and outside on the sidewalk. I even saw a lady I know (well, I’ve seen her a few times before) – Maui’s full-time population is around 140,000, so yes, this is normal.

Once a month local businesses host Wailuku’s First Friday town party on Main Street. Have you checked out any of the Maui Friday town parties?

Wailuku Coffee Company

Curious to give them a try – they offer free shipping on coffee purchases within the US. Check them out!