Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Four great places to buy malasadas on Maui

Malasadas are donuts of Portuguese origin. The Portuguese were among many immigrants who were brought to Hawaii to work in the sugar plantations. The immigrants’ food and recipes became part of the rather hodge-podge Hawaiian food scene. Here on Hawai’i we love the diversity!

I have officially embarked on a mission to try Maui’s malasadas for you – our guests! You’re welcome! I am sure you will appreciate this, right? Here are the ones I’ve tried so far – in no particular order. They are ALL good.

  1. Nalu’s in Kihei’s Azeka Plaza: You are served five warm malasadas covered with sugar,surrounding a helping of custard and drizzled with a caramel syrup. These are amazing and the presentation is tops! I believe they are $5/plate.

    malasadas at Nalu’s Restaurant in Kihei
  2. Sugar Beach Bake Shop in North Kihei (right next to Ululani’s shave ice). These are made to order between 6-9am. They have three kinds – sugar, cinnamon sugar and li hing mui sugar (salty dried plum powder mixed in with the sugar – very good). They are served warm and are delicious. $10 for a dozen.

    Sugar Beach Bake Shop – why not make these part of a ‘healthy’ breakfast?
  3. Home Maid Cafe in Kihei’s Azeka Plaza. These are made to order between 6-10am (closed Sundays). Sometimes they do run out, so go early. Home Maid Cafe has two kinds – plain with sugar and custard-filled (my personal favorite). These taste best warm (a bit of a lard after taste when cold). Similarly priced to the SB Bake Shop, cash only.
  4. Komoda’s Bakery at the only four way stop in Makawao (corner of Baldwin Ave and Makawao Ave). Komoda’s has been around for ever (and I mean over a hundred years). They are well known for their bakery and are a cash-only establishment. Their malasadas are either plain, guava-filled with an option of small ‘malasadas on a stick’ (5 on a skewer). They are pre-made and kept in a display cooler. Price are very reasonable – your best deal is ‘malasadas on a stick’ ($1.50 for 5 small malasadas), cash only.