Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Driving updates on Maui

We’ve returned from our vacation – it was a busy but fun trip, exploring new places and visiting friends and family. We loved it. But it sure is great to be home again. Coming back to Maui – what’s new? What’s changed?

Here are some driving updates!
It’s back to school here on Maui.

Mind those school zones! That’s right, 20 mph is the speed limit in school zones. Make sure you don’t get caught in a speed trap, or worse yet, run over any kids! Public schools are back in session as of August 1st after a long (2 month) summer break – yes, the kids got out end of May.

The Airport Access Road is open.

Well, kind of. The airport area is a construction zone. You now want to take Airport Access Road instead of Dairy Road to drive to the airport. If you take Dairy you will be guided into a detour that takes you to the Airport Access Road. As you cruise down the new section, you will see construction to your left – that is the new rental car terminal. They are still moving dirt around – it will be at least a year or two til it’s done. Take the new Airport Access Road to drive to the airport, then drive past the airport, and loop around to get to the (still old) rental car drop-off/pick-ups.

If you are just arriving on Maui, get your rental car as in the past, and continue down Dairy Road til you connect with Airport Access Road. Turn right and immediately get into the left lane to turn left on Mokulele Hwy to drive to South Maui. If you are going to West Maui, just stay on the Airport Access Road which becomes your highway to the West.

The Mokulele Hwy is being re-surfaced – again.
road news
the newly resurfaced Mokulele Hwy

Note my enthusiasm. Did it need resurfacing? Nope. It was perfectly fine. There are many worse roads on Maui that could have used a facelift or all-out overhaul. The road between Kahului and Kihei is a federal highway. I assume they have to resurface it when the money is scheduled, otherwise it disappears into the great abyss never to be seen again. The perfectly good road is being fixed, the normally painful speed limit (45 mph) is now even slower at 35 mph between North Kihei and the Humane Society light. Last year they repaved from the Humane Society into Kahului, so this completes the project. Thanks tax dollars!