Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Almost finished with our Maui Kamaole reno!

We are getting there! The Maui Kamaole reno is almost done! The kitchen is basically finished, the new stainless Frigidaire fridge and dishwasher installed…

maui kamaole reno

I do love how the cabinets and quartz counter turned out. The kitchen feels larger. There used to be a wall at the end of what is now the island. We took out that wall and pushed the island out by about 8 inches, so the kitchen is roomier. I can’t wait to clean and reorganize the kitchen on Thursday. Even more exciting – to have all the kitchenware leave our home office! Our office has been a bit of a war zone since starting the Maui Kamaole reno.

The new bedroom furniture has arrived – not visible in the picture is the new dresser. This mahogany bedroom set has a stalk of bamboo carved into it. Unique.

maui kamaole reno

I’ve purchased bedroom art for above the bed. Recognize this?

maui kamaole reno

I picked up three prints from the Rachael Ray gallery on Dairy Road in Kahului. Rachael, no not the famous chef, is one of my favorite local artists (closely tied with Beth Cooper who has fun colorful paintings – and helps Cindy clean our condos!). I love this ti leaf series, and Rachael helped me choose which ones to buy. The plan is to hang these above the bed. Color-wise they will tie in nicely with another art piece that we already had in the bedroom.

Once the contractors finish tomorrow, I’ll re-arrange everything and have a clearer picture of what goes where. I also picked up a throw pillow to give the lazy Ikea chair a splash of color.

The bathroom has been expanded, having removed a storage room, we now have a huge walkin shower and so much more room! I don’t have a wide-angle camera lens, but this picture gives you a hint.

maui kamaole reno
I honestly can’t wait to see this condo put together again! No more remodels for me! Well…. actually there is some work I’d like to get done around our house. Maybe next year!