Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Maui Chocolate Factory

Do you love chocolate? I love sweets and chocolate is one of my go-to treats. Did you know Maui has several chocolate growers?

This weekend’s Maui News has an article on Ku’ia Estate Chocolate. In fact, last summer someone gave me some Ku’ia individual chocolate pieces. The pieces I got were dark chocolate and absolutely delicious. For much more information on Ku’ia Estate Chocolate, how the owner got started 10+ years ago, do read the very interesting article in the Maui News! They work hard to give back to the community – in fact, last summer’s chocolate gift was from a fundraiser for a local charity. Ku’ia Chocolate offer tours and tastings. The factory/store is located at 78 Ulupono St in Lahaina.

A picture of my Ku’ia chocolte gift I posted on our Instagram last summer. Do you follow us on Instagram or Facebook?

Other chocolate growers on Maui

Doing a quick chocolate farm search on google, I’m coming across two other chocolate farms. Kupa’a Organic Farm is located upcountry in Kula and offers coffee and chocolate tours. Hana Gold Plantation is located in Hana. I’m not seeing tours offered, however have seen their chocolate in stores. I’m pretty sure there are more – send me a note if you know of any others and I’ll add them!

Have you ever been to a chocolate farm? I haven’t here on Maui, but a few years ago we visited a small chocolate farm while on a cruise off Honduras and Mexico. The chocolate was definitely calling to me (and calls to me still).

My favorite chocolate

While I definitely appreciate dark chocolate – particularly the fact that it’s something I savor and enjoy slowly, my favorite type of chocolate is milk chocolate. Having grown up in Austria, the land of amazing deserts, coffee and chocolate, my favorite is Milka chocolate. It’s so smooth, I can eat that whole bar in a matter of minutes. That’s why it’s best to not open it until I have a couple kids nearby. Ha!