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This year’s best Maui coffee

best Maui coffee

Last weekend I attended the 12th Annual Maui Seed to Cup event at the Maui Tropical Plantation. I enjoy drinking coffee, but admittedly I am not very knowledgeable on the subject. It was a beautiful though very hot day and my main goal was to find this year’s best Maui[…]

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What is your favorite Maui coffee?

Maui coffee

Have you sampled your way through Maui coffees? We have a number of coffee growers and roasters here on Maui, and I suggest that when here you give them a try. After all, Starbucks will still be there when you get back home. But in the mean time, you may[…]

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Wailuku Coffee Company

Have you explored Main Street in Wailuku? This is a street with a different twist. Local business people have done well to revitalize this street. Here you will find five pawn shops, the Iao Theater, various Mom and Pop shops, a cat in the window, and… the Wailuku Coffee Company. A[…]

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Which local coffee to buy at Costco?

Do your eyes glaze over in the coffee aisle at Costco? If you’re like me, you want to try the Hawaiian coffees, but when buying one or even two pound bags, you’re just not sure which one to commit to. We have just finished enjoying this one, Nickybeans 100% Kona[…]

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This weekend – the Grown on Maui Coffee Festival!

Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee? Are you curious to learn more about coffee? This Saturday the Shops at Wailea are hosting the Grown on Maui Coffee Festival! I JUST found out and am so excited! They had one in August 2012 and it was fascinating. It runs[…]

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Maui Oma Coffee Company

I love coffee. I grew up in Austria where drinking coffee is a huge part of the culture. Coffee and amazing cakes (‘Kaffee und Kuchen’), might I add. When I find a ‘new to me’ local coffee company, I can’t help myself – I have to try their coffee. A[…]

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Lahaina Coffee Run!

I am all out of ‘condo coffee’, the small one-pot pouches of coffee we leave in our condos for our guests’ first cup of coffee. So this morning we drove up to Lahaina to pick up some more supplies. This time I ordered them from the Mauigrown Coffee Company in[…]

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Fresh coffee order arrived

Have you stayed in one of our condos this past year? For the past year or so we’ve been leaving a box of chocolate mac nuts and a package of coffee for our guests. We’ve tried two different Maui coffee companies, both of whom sell coffee in little wedding favor[…]

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Molokai Coffee Sale…

Have you been enjoying the coffee we’ve been leaving in the condos? Just had an email through from Coffees of Hawaii… 25% off, and free shipping on purchases over $75 after discount. I just may need to stock up. If you haven’t had any and would like to try some[…]

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A beautiful morning for a new coffee

The trade winds are back – this is cause for celebration! Yesterday morning when I woke up it was still 79F in the house even though we left windows open… that’s too warm for me. Now that the trade winds are back, the house cools off again in the evening.[…]

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