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Our school’s Ho’olaule’a (May Day celebration assembly)

Today was our local elementary school’s annual May Day assembly – called the Ho’olaule’a (which is Hawaiian for festival or celebration). Since our school is in South Maui where it rarely to never rains, we don’t have school gyms or assembly halls. Instead we use the school’s grassy sports field.

Our school’s Ho’olaule’a involves a royal court. The royal court isn’t made up of royalty, but rather of fifth grade students who write essays as part of a competition to be a part of this year’s royal court. They are dressed in beautiful traditional outfits, with a ‘prince’ and ‘princess’ representing each Hawaiian Island (dressed in each of the islands’ official colors – Maui’s official color is pink). We also have a representative ‘king’ and ‘queen’.

this year’s Royal Court at our school’s Ho’olaule’a (May Day) celebration

The ‘ladies of the court’ practiced a special hula for the Ho’olaule’a – this year they danced it to ‘White Sandy Beach‘, sung by Hawaii’s famous singer Iz.

Here is a short clip of the girls’ hula… how does this compare to your school’s assemblies?

After the girls’ hula, the various grade levels got up and gave their own dance presentation (they were decidedly non-traditional, but the kids had fun!). The assembly lasted for about 75 minutes.

The kids (hopefully) all wore sunscreen (it had to be applied at home as our teachers aren’t allowed to sunscreen the students), most had hats, sunglasses and water bottles. The teachers walked around with spray bottles and sprayed water at the kids to keep them cool. It was a hot morning in the sun!

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Deals on flights!

Hawaiian Airlines has just posted a sale on their flights (August-November 2013), starting at $342 return from San Jose (taxes in). Nice!

Allegiant Airlines is up to its tricks with good prices also – $325 return all in from Bellingham WA. However, I heard that Allegiant was talking about discontinuing certain flights to Hawaii, such as from Eugene OR, so definitely look into that.

Today is the last day of that Westjet sale I mentioned the other day (for our Canadian friends). Did you know that about half our condo guests are Canadian? Unfortunately Air Canada/United does not fly directly to Maui in the low-season months.

And then of course there’s also Alaskan Airlines to check out.

And it’s low season – shoot me an inquiry, we’d love to have you stay at one of our condos!

how about an early evening stroll on the beach?
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This Saturday – the 2013 Annual Maui Brewer’s Festival!

When:    Saturday, May 18th from 4 – 7pm
Where:   Maui Arts and Cultural Center

Over 30 craft breweries from Hawaii and beyond will be there, your paid ticket (admission is $50/person or $60 at the door) gets you eight 4 oz beer samples, food, live music, prizes and parking. There is also a special VIP package which includes special rare-beer tasting etc. for $95/person

For more information and to buy your tickets online, click here. While you’re on the MACC website, check out their calendar for other fun events!

Please don’t drink and drive! Please also inquire about their discounted ‘designated driver’ tickets.

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Pupus at Gannon’s Red Bar

We have been going to Gannon’s at Wailea’s Emerald Course for years now – but only for brunch and lunch. My wonderful condo cleaning lady Cindy has told me how wonderful their happy hour is (happy hour is in their bar area, called the Red Bar). So yesterday, we checked out Gannon’s Red Bar happy hour. Wow.

the beautiful view from Gannon’s Restaurant

The great thing about the Red Bar’s happy hour is – 50% off pupus (appetizers) between 3-6pm (they also have drink specials). They had a great selection! Between the four of us, we sampled the Trio of Deviled Eggs, Crab Stuffed Jalapenos, BBQ Chicken Nachos ‘Dip’ (I had this – it was fabulous), Trio of Crabcake Sliders and Tater Tots. With drinks our bill came in at around $70. Not bad for four people. We’ll have to go again! Thanks for the tip, Cindy!

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Spring Special on Maui!

Are you looking for a last-minute get away? I still have some openings at our condos… (check the listings for available dates)

for new bookings for stays in May/June 2013

Maui Kamaole……………………..$150/night ($1310/week all in)
Palms at Wailea…………………..$190/night ($1679/week all in)
Sugar Beach……………………….$135/night ($1225/week all in)

How about a quick Maui trip?

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May 26-June 1 is Wailea Restaurant Week

Do you enjoy fine dining? Then this is for you! Twice a year a number of Wailea’s restaurants get together for a week dining deals – Wailea Restaurant Week.

This month 19 restaurants (some are award-winning restaurants with celebrity chefs) have teamed up to provide you with prix-fixe menu deals, either $29, $39 or $49/three course dinner. You don’t need tickets or special passes, but reservations are strongly recommended.

Go try a new restaurant – or re-visit a favorite!

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The bestest mangoes on Maui!

mmmmm…. Mangoes!

I had a bit of a frustrating morning today, so I decided to treat myself. After running my errands, I went to Yee’s Orchard for some of his amazing Golden Glow mangoes. Oh my goodness. They are soooooo good. At 3.99/lb they are not cheap – but if you ask me, they are worth it!

Where is Yee’s Orchard? It’s in Central Kihei. If you are driving North on South Kihei Road, it is on the right-hand side just past the Long’s Drugstore stripmall. It’s set back from the road and sometimes you will see peacocks wandering around on the property.

it’s just a little hut – but don’t let appearances fool you!
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“Hawaiian – the Legend of Eddie Aikau”

Have you heard of the Eddies, that famous Hawaiian big wave surf competition? There is a new movie about Eddie Aikau (yes, the Eddies are named after him), the life guard pioneer and big wave surfer. It will be showing opening night of the 2013 Maui Film Festival (June 12th at 8pm). Movie under the stars anyone??

The trailer looks really interesting (click here if it doesn’t load)

If you are on Maui, do check it out!

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Rain day in Kihei – you’re kidding!

It rained a bit yesterday late afternoon in South Kihei – our family got so excited! No, we don’t miss the rain from when we used to live in BC’s Fraser Valley, but sometimes it’s nice get a bit of rain. Kihei averages about 12 inches of rain a year, but for the past three years or so there’s been a real drought in Kihei (and a lot of Maui, for that matter). I think last year we had about 5 inches of rain in Kihei. It’s been really dry.

Anyway, yesterday after dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood in the refreshing ‘just rained’ air. Our youngest brought along an umbrella, it’s a novelty for him to be able to use an umbrella. Guess what – we got caught in rain and he actually got to use it (he also discovered that the pavement can be slippery when wet). It started pouring for a few minutes and we sure got wet. It was lovely!

Imagine my surprise that it’s raining this morning again! Our kids are hoping that school is cancelled today! Really? Yes, sometimes when it rains, school is cancelled because of danger from flash flooding. Even when they don’t cancel school, you can count on half the kids not showing up to school. But like I said, with 12 inches of rain a year, it almost never happens!

So what to do on a rain day in Kihei? Here are a few ideas for you…

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Coming up – a partial solar eclipse on May 9th

There will be a partial solar eclipse on Thursday, May 9th, visible on Maui between 2:24pm and 5:01pm.

photo courtesy of the Maui Astronomy Club website

How best to see a solar eclipse? Do not stare directly at the sun with your naked eye as it can melt your eyeball. The Maui Astronomy Club has said that someone will be at Kamaole III beach park at the southern-most lawn area. They hope to have some eclipse glasses for sale for $2. Just in case they don’t, here’s an article with some other methods

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