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Maui Brewer’s Festival – this weekend!

If you love beer, or are looking for a non-beach activity, check out the annual Maui Brewer’s Festival this Saturday at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center (that’s right – this must be a cultured event, after all!). They feature two craft beers each from nearly 30 breweries.

It runs from 4-7pm, tickets are $60/person advance purchase, $70/person at the door. The price includes eight 4-oz samples, a beer glass, pupu (appetizers) and parking. Admission is for adults 21 and over only, and you must have a valid photo ID with you.

For more information and to pre-purchase your tickets, check the MACC website. Designated driver tickets are also available on request.

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Hockey Night in…. Kihei!

Something unexpected at Kihei’s Kalama Park? Enjoy some inline hockey and sunset! Next Thursday starting at 5:30pm are the Championship Games (and end of the season) for the Maui Inline Hockey Association! You can also come enjoy public skate night Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. There are skates for rent and a small concession run by volunteers.

One of many of this season’s stunning sunsets at hockey night in Kihei
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Maui Classical Music Festival May 3-10

Yes, it’s that time of year again – the time for the annual Classical Music Festival. This year there are five concerts in 8 days.

Saturday May 3 – ‘A Night in Vienna’ (Makawao )
Monday May 5 – ‘ Romantic Splendor’ (Makena)
Wednesday May 7 – ‘Hana Community Concert’ (Hana)
Friday May 9 – ‘Grace, Grandeur and Fireworks’ (Makena)

and new this year,
Sunday, May 11 – ‘Lanai Community Concert’ at the Lodge of Koele, Lanai

We have attended several of these concerts in the past few years. They have been wonderfully done, set in beautiful settings. The two concerts in Makena are held at the historic Keawala’i Church. You can purchase tickets online, or pay by donation at the door (suggested donation is $25/adult, $10/student).

Keawala’i Church in Makena
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Limited time discount on Maui Film Festival tickets (June 4-8 2014)

If you are planning to attend the annual Maui Film Festival, consider purchasing tickets in advance. Right now you can get them 10-20% off. This includes discounts on the Opening Night Twilight Reception, Taste of Chocolate and Taste of Wailea.

Movies are shown next to the ocean (Grand Wailea), at the Emerald Golf Course (Wailea), and (indoors) at the Castle Theater at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. The schedule of films being shown has not yet been released.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please check out the Maui Film Festival website. Try something new – and maybe see some film stars!

the Maui Film Festival 2014 – could be a lot of fun!

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Deep Water Aerobics Classes

Looking to try something new or to keep exercising while on Maui?

A friend invited me to join her for a deep water aerobics class today. I didn’t really know what to expect, but grabbed some cash, a towel, hat and sunglasses and headed to the Kihei Aquatic Center at the corner of the Piilani Hwy and Lipoa. In case you don’t know, admission to the Kihei Aquatic Center is FREE of charge. All you have to do is sign in (this is for County purposes so they can schedule efficiently).

Classes are Monday and Friday 10:30-11:30 and Wednesdays 11-12noon. (Don’t forget to sunscreen!!)

Cost: by donation (the instructor is not paid by the County of Maui)

The class is held by local fitness instructor, Sara Zander. Everyone who can swim is welcome, ages 18 and over (though the class was mainly seniors today – there were about 50 participants in total). Expect a full body workout for everyone from beginner to advanced in an outdoor deep water pool. She divided us in groups – beginner/social and immediate/advanced and gave different options for each exercise, depending on your skill level. I must admit to being nervous when I saw it was in the deep water pool, but if you get there early, you will get a flotation belt to keep you afloat (most people had one).

By the way, I’m told there are shallow pool aquatics classes Tuesday and Thursdays (but I don’t have any information on them).

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What not to do on a rainy Sunday on Maui

Our family has had an annual membership at the Maui Ocean Center for the past few years – we have sure enjoyed going six or seven times this past year alone – we definitely get our money’s worth. Our membership expires tonight, so I felt compelled to take the kids one last time. I’m sure we’ll end up renewing our membership, but for now we’ll take a little break.

But I forgot that the Ocean Center is a big favorite among tourists when it’s raining (it’s been raining on and off the past two days). Also, I forgot that it’s Sunday – cruise ship day at the port of Kahului. I have rarely seen the Ocean Center so packed. I guess we’ve never gone on a rainy Sunday afternoon before.

Ah well. It was still totally worth it! We saw the frog fish and the octopus, touched the tide pool creatures and counted the turtles, and sat in the tunnel with the rays and sharks swimming around us. It was fun and memorable for us. And it got us out of the rain for a bit.

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Personal Training in Style

You may remember that I used to do early morning runs with a friend? We’d run along the Kamaole beaches when it was light or along the road when it was dark out. That exercise routine unfortunately went by the wayside when my friend moved to Washington. Since then I have done nothing. And loved it! However, it’s time to get moving again. A new friend invited me to FuzionFit yesterday. My friend is a fitness instructor, so I figured if she goes, it must be good!

The setting is beautiful. It’s at Hotel Wailea (up the hill from the Wailea Blue course, home of Capische restaurant). There is free parking, you walk through the lobby and downstairs to a large hallway with beautiful views and water cascading just outside the window. It was a small drop-in style class with 6 women assembled and Izaak Tyrell, the fitness instructor. I filled out my waiver, paid my $25 (there is a discount if you pay several sessions up front and I believe it’s free if you are a guest at the Hotel) and we started!

I was definitely out of shape compared to the other ladies there (though I did manage to hold my own!) but everyone was super friendly. Izaak was encouraging and showed me a few modifications to the exercises as needed so I could also do them. It was a circuit of 16 exercises, done in 2 1/2 minute intervals and lasted about an hour.

I did pretty good – stayed to the end, and got through it without crying! But I am sore today. Yes, it’s time to start exercising again!

When are these sessions? Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30 and Fridays at 10am.

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Wonderful Pedicure at Quinnie’s Salon

My hunny got me a pedicure for Christmas. But not just any pedicure, a Quinnie’s Pedicure. I’d heard good things about Quinnie’s Nail Salon on Lipoa Rd in Kihei, but had never checked it out.

It was so nice. I loved the setup – I really don’t like sitting in those pedicure chairs with automatic massage sticks in the back (I’ve had bad experiences with those), sitting next to strangers, looking at their feet. At Quinnie’s you sit in super comfortable lazyboys, staggered with curtain dividers between customers. Then while your feet are in the parafin wrap (this is with the ‘Quinnie’s Pedicure’ treatment), you are treated to a shoulder/arm and head rub. I think that may have been my favorite part!

If you are in need of some pampering – check them out!

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Upcountry teaser

I got to spend the morning upcountry today – by myself! No husband, no kids, no company, just me. I’ll tell you more in the coming days…. but I wanted to show you this protea…. just gorgeous. I had the most wonderful morning!

beautiful protea at Kula’s Enchanting Floral Gardens

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