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It’s the last year of sugar cane harvesting on Maui

Maui sugar cane harvesting

We’re into the final year of sugar cane harvesting on Maui. Yes, this is huge news. HC&S is the last remaining sugar cane farm in the Hawaiian islands with 36,000 acres of sugar cane. Maui boasts the last operational sugar cane factory and also (though not as boast worthy) the last place in[…]

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Party time at Kihei Surfside!

Valentine's at Kihei Surfside

How was your Valentine’s? Do you celebrate this holiday, or is it a non-event for you? It can be tricky to go on a romantic date when you have kids, and so for the past number of years we’ve joined other owners and guests on the oceanfront Kihei Surfside lawn for their[…]

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What is vog and why is it so hazy on Maui?

Kamaole I beach park to molokini

What is vog? If you are on Maui right now, you know it is really hazy. In fact, it’s been quite hazy for a while now. It is so hazy, we can barely see Kaho’olawe from Kihei. The island of Lana’i is missing entirely (well, visually). What is this haze?[…]

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Where is the best stargazing on Maui?

Sunset afterglow on Haleakala

Do you enjoy stargazing? In case you haven’t noticed, it’s pretty dark on Maui. Street lighting is dim and lights are far apart. Why is this? I’m not sure what the official answer is, but it is probably a combination of economy (power is very expensive at 40c/kwh) and a desire[…]

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Maui Rum and Ocean Vodka

Tonight I picked up a few groceries at our local grocery store, Safeway. Maui Rum (one of my favorites) is currently on sale for $18.99/bottle. Their dark rum is very good, as is the gold, but tonight I found a new to me Maui rum – a Pineapple Flavored Rum.[…]

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A few funny conversations yesterday… It all started out with my hair dresser Jenna announcing yesterday that it was officially fall and cold out. Which apparently explained her wearing jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and moccasins. She also said she was looking forward to pulling her boots out and wearing them[…]

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Upcountry Walk

We went on a beautiful upcountry (that means part-way up Haleakala) walk yesterday, enjoying the cooler temperatures at 3000 ft elevation (it was about 73F compared to Kihei’s 89F), but humid and overcast. Actually, it was perfect, except for my kids’ whining, ‘are we there yet?’ We ended up having[…]

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Baby it’s COLD outside!!

We are officially into March (well, by six days now). I must admit, this is my favorite time of year. I don’t mind the occasional rain (okay, more like sprinkles) we see in Kihei this time of year. A little rain means the hillsides turn green, we see and hear[…]

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Christmas trees in Hawaii

Perhaps you are wondering, how does one celebrate Christmas in Hawaii? What do they do about trees? Well….. a lot of people (myself included) use fake trees. However, you can (believe it or not) also buy real trees. Trees are brought by air-conditioned container from Oregon or Washington State. After[…]

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