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How to take great underwater shots!

Do you enjoy snorkeling? Do you take a camera with you? How do those pictures turn out? Many that I’ve seen are grainy, fuzzy and not that impressive.

The Maui Ocean Center posted a great blog by Pride of Maui on how to get great underwater shots! Here you are, for your reading pleasure!

this is the extent of my under-water photography…. through the glass window
at the Maui Ocean Center!
garden eel staring contest – are you looking at ME?
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Six new baby green sea turtles at the Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center welcomed six 2-month old baby green sea turtles last week. The babies were hatched at Sealife Park in Honolulu. Click here for the KHON2 news video.

If you are going to the Maui Ocean Center – be sure to check these babies out! So cute! By the way, book your tickets online and receive free one week upgrades. This is particularly great if you have kids with short attention spans. Or go before you go snorkeling, and then again after to find names for all those fish you saw!

one of six green sea turtle babies at the Maui Ocean Center

Additionally here is a very cool video of a recent turtle nest excavation. We attended a hawksbill turtle nest excavation at Big Beach several years back – it was so neat! When turtles come on shore to nest, scientists mark the nests and then watch them closely when it gets close to hatching-time. After the baby turtles have come out, scientists carefully unearth the nest to check for any turtles that were left behind. In this video by the Ocean Defender organization there are three live baby turtles found in the nest! Soooo cool!

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A few turtles pics for you

turtle riding the wave, coming in to land
oops, can the turtle overcome the lava rock barrier?
nope, I think this was a failed landing attempt. Back into the water he went for another approach

resting on land after a hard day’s swim
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Early morning walk with…. goats, turtles and chickens?

What a beautiful morning for an early morning walk after yesterday’s rain! The sun poked its head out from behind Haleakala around 6:15am.

I was a little confused this morning when I heard bleating and barking. When I glanced across the Piilani Hwy, I saw goats – so many goats – and five sheep dogs.

Then I carried on down to Kamaole II beach and saw a turtle poking its head out curiously. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good shot. Hard to see, but the turtle’s head is directly under the first W in our website address.

Instead I saw a momma chicken and her babies up close. Yes, chickens! They’re everywhere on Maui!

All in an early morning’s walk.

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What not to do on a rainy Sunday on Maui

Our family has had an annual membership at the Maui Ocean Center for the past few years – we have sure enjoyed going six or seven times this past year alone – we definitely get our money’s worth. Our membership expires tonight, so I felt compelled to take the kids one last time. I’m sure we’ll end up renewing our membership, but for now we’ll take a little break.

But I forgot that the Ocean Center is a big favorite among tourists when it’s raining (it’s been raining on and off the past two days). Also, I forgot that it’s Sunday – cruise ship day at the port of Kahului. I have rarely seen the Ocean Center so packed. I guess we’ve never gone on a rainy Sunday afternoon before.

Ah well. It was still totally worth it! We saw the frog fish and the octopus, touched the tide pool creatures and counted the turtles, and sat in the tunnel with the rays and sharks swimming around us. It was fun and memorable for us. And it got us out of the rain for a bit.

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Coming up – World Whale Day!

This Saturday is World Whale Day in Kihei, celebrating our most favorite annual visitors, the humpback whales. It is hosted annually by the Pacific Whale Foundation.

What to expect?

9 AM   Whale Day Parade (starting at Kamaole I beach to Kalama Park)
10 AM Opening Ceremonies
7 PM   Closing

Beyond that look for food vendors, a Made in Maui Artisans’ Fair, a keiki (children’s) carnival, live music, a silent auction, talks, and an Eco-Alley (booths from various organizations promoting preservation etc).

They expect about 25,000 people. There are shuttles available, or you can take the opportunity to try out Maui’s public transportation system ($2/one way within zones).

Check out the World Whale Day website for more information.

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What are those whales doing?

It’s humpback whale season! It’s been whale season for a while, actually, but of late they have really been jumping. It seems every time I look towards the ocean, I see something splashing. This afternoon I checked our Maui Kamaole condo before our next guests arrive. Our cleaning lady did a wonderful job of the condo, as always. As I drove down the driveway, I glanced up at the ocean – yes! Another splash in the distance! Followed by another smaller splash right next to it. Could it have been a momma whale and her calf?

No, I did not whip out my camera and take pictures – by that time the splash would have been long over, plus I was in the middle of the road!

Ever wonder what the different behaviors are or even mean? Here is a great link with video and pictures, describing the different splashes and behaviors you will see.

Here are two pictures I took last March. I love whale season!

wait a minute – was that a whale?
yes! there it is – doing a spy hop – having a good look at that boat!
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